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Excerpt from Fin24:

When it comes to financial management, women are known for being risk averse and for choosing investments that are “secure” and “comfortable”. However, there’s a growing number of women who are choosing to invest in stocks which yield higher returns to sustain their lives. 

Over the past few years women have been playing a bigger and more prominent role in business and their earnings are increasing, which is contributing to their empowerment. .......

Men, at the outset, are more aggressive investors and want to start building up a share portfolio. Women however start with a savings account at a bank which would progress into a pension or retirement fund and then they start incorporating unit trusts. Women embark on stock trading later in life.

This is mostly because the investment goals of women differ to that of men, explained Visser.

Women don’t just invest for themselves but for their families and immediate community. Women often focus on getting returns that make them feel like they are making a difference or a contribution to society, rather than just getting the highest return in monetary terms, she explained.