Frequently Asked Questions


What documents do I need to produce for a loan application?

You would need to produce a copy of your Identity Document; Your latest 3 months bank statement,  your latest 3 months salary advice/ payslips and proof of your residence/address. 


What is the maximum loan amount I can take?

Our service offering is a maximum loan amount of R2 000. The amount you qualify for will increase as your relationship progresses with us.


I have a poor credit record; and blacklisted - Do I qualify for a loan?


We are intent to assist you to change your lifestyle and get back up on your feet again. We will assist you; blacklisted or not!


Can I get a loan if I am under debt review?

Unfortunately; we are unable to process a loan if you under Debt review.


How soon will my loan be processed once I am successful?

The cash will be handed to you immediately provided your documents are in order.