Dear Web-Surfer, we feel privileged that you took the time to visit our website . We truly embrace your visit!

We are a bespoke full service FX Trading platform that offers our clients turn-key services which very literally shoots the lights out.

 This includes; but is not limited to, step by step guidance concerning how to go about opening your trading account & having it linked to our master account. If you don’t have access to the internet (but miraculously reading this) & the other necessary electronic facilities required we are glad to travel to you should you reside in Durban, South Africa. If you live outside of our radius or even outside of South Africa, we will be pleased to assist you via remote access in order to ensure we offer you hand holding into this lucrative & exciting arena.

Of course; all of this is preceded by us entering into a no obligation robust engagement session with you; in order to ensure you have a full understanding of what we can offer, the level of risk you are comfortable with; and the passive income you anticipate generating.  

So what qualifies us to manage your trading account? We are a group of individuals who entered the online trading environment a while ago with the misguided view that online trading would be easy, provided one has the requisite theoretical knowledge & adequate computer skills. After a protracted period of repeatedly losing sizable trading accounts we realized that we were wrong.  

Coupled with that painful lesson we arrived at the somber realization as a collective, that success with online trading has little to do with being able to accurately predict trends but more to do with the underlying maxim which EVERY successful fund manager operates within - In order to achieve success in this business one has to relinquish ones inherent desire to be right & replace it with a desire to be consistently profitable

How do we go about achieving that ? We have acquired the experience & understand most; if not all the major pitfalls which result in trading accounts being blown. We are therefore able to navigate around these pitfalls in a manner which serves to ensure your trading capital is preserved as the cornerstone of our business. At the pinnacle of our service offering, is reputation management, which is why we seek to minimize draw down to an absolute derivative albeit losses being a real part of this business.

This is achieved by us employing a critical key principle which is the underlying factor for success viz. ensuring that we adhere to stringent R-R-R (risk to reward ratio). How do we do this?

  • We conduct top-down analysis on a daily basis in order to identify the best trading positions/entries 
  • We employ a strict rule-based mechanical and discretionary system.
  • We acknowledge extremely quickly when we are wrong & close the position at a minor loss. This brings to light the iron clad principle, cut your losses quickly & let your winning positions run. 

When these simple key factors are executed with our defined trading edge, what you have is a sustainable trading solution with an exceptional  risk coefficient.  

Does this model make sense to you? The next step would be to contact us to set up your trading account via our unique link. 

Once you have opened & linked your trading account to our master account we offer unparalleled after sales service, which you will agree through the passage of time is not a matter of our opinion, as much as it is the fact laid bare. Comparison of our reporting & after sales service to similar service providers will serve as a sounding board in order to test the veracity of our claim. 

Our aspiration is to disrupt the financial services landscape in order to truly move the needle. If you share this vision and would like to take the journey with us we’ll see you on the other side.