Dear Web-surfer, we feel privileged that you took the time to visit our website and truly embrace your visit!

We are a unique micro-lending company; our aim to simply treat our clients with the same enthusiasm and dignity as the borrower of large sums of money. Why should you be treated less different from a millionaire ?

Our service to you is paramount to our business model; and if you feel that we are negligent in meeting your standard; we want to hear from you. 


Our Mission Statement:

Mission Statements are tired don't you think? Ours is simple - We Aim to WOW! you!

 Our Vision:

To change the dynamic of the thinking and lifestyle of individuals in need of monies by shifting the paradigm!  

Some Useless facts /or maybe useful?

The US government invented the internet as a defense weapon against the Soviets during the cold war... Thank goodness for the cold war!!

There are roughly 2 times as many Chinese kids using tobacco daily as there are people living in Ireland... Good for the Economy??

 Banging your head against a wall burns 150      calories an hour.... a sure way to relieve both your stress of needing a loan And lose weight at the same time!!

Insanity is  "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" ;  Quote by Albert Einstein.

Financial Information: 

 The history of micro-financing can be traced back as long as the middle of the 1800's when  Lysander Spooner loaned monies to entrepreneurs and farmers, as a way of getting the people out of poverty. Today the World Bank estimates that more than 16 million people are served by some 7000 micro-finance institutions all over the world.  About 500 million families benefits from these small loans making new business possible. 

 The year 2005 was proclaimed as the International year of  Micro-credit by The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in a call for the  financial and building sector to “fuel” the strong entrepreneurial spirit of the poor people around the world.